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A Midnight Vendetta

Muse Catacomb Ring

Muse Catacomb Ring

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The Muse Catacomb Ring consists of intricate detailing, psychedelic severed skulls representing catacombs are layered over the silhouette of a broken heart. A heavy fracture splitting down the middle of the ring separates the centre skull, enhancing the fine detail of this piece. The back of the ring is intricately engraved with our brand logo which upholds authenticity. This ring is finished off with a fine polish for a smooth, comforting wear.

Available in sizes US10 and US8. 10 is the recommended mens sizing, and 8 is recommended for women. These are universal sizes chosen to be a fit for almost anyone - however, it is encouraged to know your ring size before purchasing.

- High quality stainless steel

- Original design

- Hypoallergenic, waterproof, non tarnish & will not discolour your skin.

- Genderless

- Vendetta jewellery box included



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