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A Midnight Vendetta



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Inspired by the butterfly effect, the battles of day to day decision making - this ring represents the good and bad in life and the choices you make, which inevitably draws your path. Every decision you make, whether big or small, plays a part a lot bigger than you may be aware of.

Detailing includes two masked expressions, one evil smile with embellished horns, the other face representing emotions such as fear, curiosity and finding prosperity.

This ring is available in 2 sizes, US10 and US8. 10 is the recommended mens sizing, and 8 is recommended for women. These are universal sizes chosen to be a fit for almost anyone -however, it is encouraged to know your ring size before purchasing.

Size US10 (Large) is US10 Ring size and is labeled as Large because the mask sizes are 1.5cm in length/width.

Size US8 (Small) is US8 Ring size and is labeled as Small because the mask sizes are 1cm in length/width.

- High quality stainless steel

- Hypoallergenic, waterproof, non tarnish & will not discolour your skin.

- Genderless

- Vendetta jewellery box included


*Many of our products may feature spiked edges for added realism. Not suitable for young children.

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